Are you looking for an unique destination to plan your next vacation? If you are adventurous, a history buff, a hiking and camping lover, or an admirer of modern and old architecture, then Georgia is a country that satisfies the needs of every traveler. And to make your decision easier, there are top 10 reasons why you should visit this versatile country.

history of georgia

Georgia has a huge historic heritage, it starts in the 4th century BC, when a unified kingdom of Georgia, under one king was established. Since then the country has its own identity and a rich history. The country itself tells a story of different eras and invaders, with its ancient churches, fortress and ruins. Even if you are not a history buff, Georgia will surprise you.

It’s all about nature here

Georgia is famous for its stunning natural beauty. Despite its small size, Georgia has all kinds of climate zones including deserts, ski resorts, Black Sea coasts and alpine zones. The country is a paradise for hiking and camping lovers or for those who simply enjoy stunning views of the Caucasus Mountain Range. Additionally, you can explore breathtaking lakes, canyons, waterfalls or relax at its spa resorts.

Georgia is a developing country and tourism is just booming. Georgia still stays not so crowded with tourists. That’s why it is very comfortable for tourists to explore the country without any difficulties and queue.

the hospitality of Georgians

Georgia is worth visiting for its people. With its temperament, friendliness, hospitality and sense of humor, Georgians are a wonderful company.

Georgians strongly believe that ‘a guest is sent from the God’, therefore they try to welcome guests into their homes like they would to any relative, family member or friend. So don't be shocked to be invited by strangers, in order to give you all the different food and wine to try. Known as the hospitable nation, Georgians tend to be over-caring. If you befriend a local here, you can be sure you’ll be invited into their home and treated much like royalty, with everyone asking you different questions, making sure you feel comfortable, and well cared for at the dinner table.

Georgian” supra” or so called tradition of feasting is not a novelty for foreigners who have visited Georgia or who have Georgian acquaintances and friends. Famous for their hospitality, Georgian people love celebrating various occasions by laying supra, Georgian feast table. This habit has fascinated many foreign guests who enjoyed sampling variety of Georgian dishes along with famous Georgian wines, while joining toasts proposed at the table or even listening to the songs performed at the supra.

Georgian cuisine is quite diverse

Much like its landscape, the food here is very diverse. Even though the cuisine is mainly meat and dough-based, there are vegetarian options too. The national dish of Georgia is Khinkali, meat dumpling with a bit of the broth inside. Vegetarians can try it with potato, mushroom, or cheese filling.

Here is the shortlist of most popular Georgian dishes from meat and poultry: Shkmeruli - a chicken in garlic sauce, from the mountainous region of Racha. Satsivi - a turkey or chicken in nut sauce, traditional dish for New Year. Chashushuli from veal - tenderly boiled veal with tomatoes, onion and greens. Chakapuli - spring dish from lamb with tarragon and bitter tkemali. Khashlama - boiled beef with parsley. Mtsvadi - Georgian barbeque made on spit, often served with various sauces. Khinkali - Georgian dumpling from pork and beef, usually eaten with hands.

Georgian Wine

As Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world it is a hot destination for wine lovers. The history of wine in Georgia begins from 6000 BC. Georgian wines are classified as sweet, semi-sweet, dry, semi-dry, fortified and sparkling. In Georgia there are 540 endemic varieties of grapes known. Every festival and national holiday is celebrated with wine.

Georgians are proud of the title that the country holds of being the cradle of winemaking. Georgians' traditional winemaking method, called Kvevri, has been listed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.




5 Reasons To Visit Georgia, Country

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